Locomotive engineers typically earn their positions after first developing skills in other specialties, such as conductor or brakeperson. The position requires more than just capabilities demonstrated in the cab of a locomotive. To safely and efficiently handle a train, engineers must rely on their experiences and expertise in several areas.

At NARS, we train locomotive engineer students to increase their operating skills, learn to operate new equipment and technology, figure out how to best handle trains under a variety of extreme conditions, and remain current on changing industry requirements and government regulations. Training is geared to both newly hired and veteran engineers. Participants are subject to strict and thorough evaluation before they can meet and complete training requirements.

Our hands-on, performance-oriented approach makes locomotive engineer training highly effective. The engineer trainee participates in simulated practice that replicates actual operation of locomotive engines, including all on-board systems, using the following simulation equipment:

  • Networked Type II Locomotive Simulators
  • Fully operational locomotive and car air brake racks
  • Block signal simulators
  • Locomotive electrical system simulators
  • Locomotive diesel engines

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“NARS definitely gave me a leg up in the training phase of my employment. GCOR rules testing and initial yard experience were greatly enhanced due to attending NARS. NARS was just a beginning, just a drop in the bucket, to the mountain of information and procedures to learn, but definitely worth the time and effort I put into it.”

former student