NARS training can help alleviate any concerns about the proper operation of your signal systems.

Taught by experienced railroad professionals who conduct similar training for the Federal Railroad Administration’s signal inspectors, our courses prepare your maintenance forces to install, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, and test all signal systems.

We teach the work skills required for work as a signalman, including basic knowledge of electricity and electronics, relay logic, highway-grade crossing warning systems, standard test and inspection methods, and exposure to the latest railroad signaling technologies.

Students work in an error-forgiving lab environment on the same equipment they install and maintain in the field, including signals, electronic switches, and computer equipment. Training is conducted using traffic control, grade crossing, automatic block signal system and automatic interlocking simulators, and track circuit simulators.

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Today’s railroads are leaders in the use of advanced telecommunications technology.

To ensure your operations stay connected and at the forefront of telecommunications technology, NARS can help your employees learn to install, maintain, and troubleshoot radio systems and telecommunications equipment.

We provide a wide variety of courses for both novice and experienced telecommunications professionals with training in:

  • Radio Basics
  • Video Systems
  • Wireless networks
  • Fiber optics
  • Automatic Electronic Identification
  • Exalt IP Microwave Radio
  • Interconnecting Network Devices

Students train in laboratories equipped with the latest telecommunications equipment and simulated radio and transmission networks.

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