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There are more than 500 companies that make up the U.S. railroad industry, providing the country’s freight and passenger transportation service on a network of some 300,000 route-miles of track. Railroads employ a substantial workforce to service, maintain, and manage this extensive network. As the baby boom generation reaches retirement age, railroads need qualified employees now more than ever. You can be one of the many thousands of men and women that make this system work. Through our affiliation with Johnson County Community College (JCCC), NARS offers the accredited training you need for railroad employment. All of our instructors are career railroaders with vast experience; they lived the subjects they teach. Instruction is conducted in a classroom setting, followed by labs for hands-on application. The craft jobs we train you for are in demand throughout the industry. Their entry-level salaries and benefits are among the highest and the best in any industry, and their career paths often lead to supervisory and management positions. Let NARS get your career in the railroad industry started on the right track. There are a few things to know before pursuing a job in this exciting industry. Learn about the qualifications and eligibility requirements for railroad work. What kind of rail work most appeals to you?

Learn more about what some of the more traditional career paths entail. Railroads often hire veterans because their military skills closely match the skills needed for rail work. Find out why this career is perfect for former servicemen and women.

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Is there any funding that will help pay for the railroad certificate programs?

“NARS definitely gave me a leg up in the training phase of my employment. GCOR rules testing and initial yard experience were greatly enhanced due to attending NARS. NARS was just a beginning, just a drop in the bucket, to the mountain of information and procedures to learn, but definitely worth the time and effort I put into it.”

former student