Beyond keeping the trains in motion, well-qualified mechanics ensure Federal guidelines are followed for the inspection and repair of all mechanical aspects of a train.

Mechanical instructors include machinists, electricians, sheet metal worker, boilermakers, car men, and supervisory staff. These experienced railroad employees are trained to safely and properly inspect, maintain, and repair freight cars and locomotives – and teach others how to do the same.

NARS’ mechanical training courses cover a wide range of critical skills from the shop to the yard and involve instruction in:

  • Air brake operations, testing and repair
  • Freight car inspection, testing and repair
  • Electrical systems design, diagnostics and repair on most models of locomotives
  • Operation, maintenance and repair of diesel engines
  • Remote control operations, diagnostics and repair
  • Federal Railway Administration regulations

Students learn in the classroom and in technology-driven, state-of-the-art laboratories, where they work on assembled and disassembled rail equipment. Each lab is fully equipped to provide hands-on experience with the mechanical and electrical components of cars and engines.

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“I’m so thankful to have my career figured out!

Thanks again, guys, for everything.

I appreciate it.”

Jesse Stark, former student hired by BNSF